Date: 20th Feb

Time: 2pm to 5:30pm

BLOCK71 Singapore, 71 Ayer Rajah Crescent #02-01 (Seminar Room)

Train, Build & Scale Your Inside Sales Team

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Scale Up Marketing Academy Presents: Train, Build & Scale your Inside Sales Team

Selling over the phone without meeting the other party is not typical for Asians, who are more used to face-to-face meetings. Inside Sales is somewhat a rising trend in Asia, with few having formal training.

Learn from this workshop from 3 experts to help you:

Instantly Gain Trust over the Phone & Sell from a Position of Strength

How to avoid Pitfalls of Poorly planned and executed Compensation Plans

How to Build a Winning Inside Sales Team & Scale it Up

How to get government funding for Inside Sales Training & Certification

The Speakers:

Jeremiah Sarkett - Infusionsoft

Regional Partner Manager , Author of "Selling to Serve" . More than 15 years experience in Inside Sales

Mark Ghaderi - Vital Strategies

Author, Founder, Master Trainer

Inspired & Trained thousands of Sales Professionals globally

Zeenath Kuraisha - APACSMA

Managing Director , helps Inside Sales Professionals get Certified with Grants

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